Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Questions about BACKUP EAGLE®

  • BACKUP EAGLE® supports IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, Veeam, DELL EMC NetWorker, IBM BRMS, Microsoft Azure Backup, SEP sesam, Rubrik, dsmISI MAGS, dsmISI Storage, dsmISI Veeam, Oracle RMAN, UC4 / CA Automatic Workload, BMC Control-M, DELL EMC Data Domain, IBM Tape Library, DELL EMC Isilon, DELL EMC PowerProtect Data Manager, Commvault, Cohesity, VMware vCenter. BACKUP EAGLE® additionally provides a standard interface for further backup tools.

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® provides a complete view of your entire backup environment. This includes both monitoring and reporting.

  • Yes, groups of application servers can be defined in BACKUP EAGLE®. Any application server can be assigned to such a group, independent of the associated backup server and thus also independent of the backup software.

  • Yes, different authorizations are provided in BACKUP EAGLE®. Each authorization is managed in your identity management system. BACKUP EAGLE® can be connected via Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is supported.

  • Yes, dsmsched.log and dsmerror.log can be sent to the BACKUP EAGLE® server via REST API or optional BACKUP EAGLE® client.

  • BACKUP EAGLE® supports Windows, AIX and Linux. Further information can be found under Product>System requirements.

Questions about backup monitoring

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® expects a further backup within a defined period of time for each backup performed. The default period is 7 calendar days. You can also define rules for certain backups (for example, all SAP full backups, monthly backups) with different time periods.

  • Yes, you can have the results displayed in the graphical user interface or generated automatically as a report.

  • Yes, you can combine the automatic control with self-defined calendars so that backups are checked for exactly defined days (e.g. every Thursday, every 7th of a month or the end of a quarter). BACKUP EAGLE® then reports expected but missing backups.

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® can automatically re-evaluate error messages that are irrelevant for the restore. Backup jobs that only contain such irreversible errors will be revalued from "not ok" to "ok" and will no longer need to be checked in the future. This reduces the number of jobs that have to be checked daily.

  • Error messages are revaluated by creating revaluation rules. The rules contain a pattern for unique identification of the error message and the specification of the affected backup jobs. This information is displayed in each backup log below the original error message.

  • Yes, you can set certain backup jobs in BACKUP EAGLE® to a so-called maintenance mode for a specified period of time. Incorrect backups during this period are automatically revaluated to "ok" and a corresponding comment is added to the protocol.

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® processes the information of all integrated backup servers and other sources with backup information. The backup protocols in BACKUP EAGLE® are extended by the detailed information from the Automatic / UC4 and Control-M jobs.

  • BACKUP EAGLE® supports DataDomain, Isilon, General Storage Cluster Control (GSCC), IBM Tape Libraries, IBM StoreWize and devices communicating via REST/SNMP protocol.

Questions about reporting and verification

  • BACKUP EAGLE® provides verifications of all performed backups and restores (one protocol per run) and of the configuration of your backup servers (once a day automatically and at any time additionally as required). It also provides reports that include changes to your configuration.

  • Yes, all backup and restore reports can be filtered according to requirements and target groups. Recipients (e-mail addresses) can be stored for the target groups. After the reports are created, they are automatically sent to these recipients.

  • Yes, the backup amounts per backup job are available in BACKUP EAGLE® for all backups. There are reports on the total amounts per backup client or per backup server over various periods of time. For IBM Spectrum Protect and EMC NetWorker, the total amounts in the backend are also available.

  • Yes, pre-built capacity planning reports are available (for tape libraries, data domain).

  • Yes, a dedicated protocol is created for each backup and restore. One file is provided in pdf format and one file in text format.

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® creates a complete documentation of the configuration for each backup server every day. In addition, a separate report containing all configuration changes is automatically provided.

  • Yes, you can have a look at the time distribution of all backups with the corresponding runtimes both in the BACKUP EAGLE® GUI and in the reports provided. The viewing period (1 day, 1 week, ...) is freely selectable.

  • Yes, BACKUP EAGLE® can collect and evaluate any CSV, XML, JSON data provided via an existing import interface.

  • Yes, you can access all reports directly for each day. You determine the storage period in BACKUP EAGLE®. All documentation reports are stored with unique file names. This makes it easy to restore these reports from a long-term archive. This allows you to keep track of changes to your backup configuration for a long time to come.

  • You can define recipient groups in BACKUP EAGLE® and assign reports to them. Once created, these reports are automatically sent to the recipients.

Information on BACKUP EAGLE®

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