BACKUP EAGLE® case study

BACKUP EAGLE® case study

More time for your essential tasks

Backup monitoring with BACKUP EAGLE® drastically reduced the number of backup jobs to be checked*

Backup environment (one of the world's largest automotive suppliers)

More than 220 IBM SP servers and 26,000 IBM SP nodes and VMs
More than 150,000 backup jobs per day with more than 1 PB as daily backup volume


Provide an overall view of all backups and restores, all backup servers and all backup devices
Ensuring the daily control and all necessary proofs in a given time
Saving of effort and costs in monitoring and reporting


  1. The number of failed backups per day has been drastically reduced (from 1,950 to 280)
  2. There is now a central view of all backups, backup servers and backup devices
  3. Daily control of all backup problems is guaranteed
  4. All proofs for operations and audits are created automatically

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