Backup Reporting

Backup Reporting

complete and up-to-date at any time

BACKUP EAGLE® provides for your backup reporting all evidence and backup reports about your backup jobs / restores, backup servers and backup devices automatically.

Use the BACKUP EAGLE® basic set of backup reports or configure your special backup reports from over 70 predefined templates.

On the one hand, these are daily and monthly reports on your backups and restores as well as reports for audits. On the other hand, there are reports that document the configuration of your backup environment.
Configuration changes for the previous day are logged in separate reports.


Main reports are immediately in automation

In our experience, these reports alone cover the basic requirements

More than 70 templates on different subjects

  • Accounting
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Backup / Restore
  • Capacity planning
  • Configuration changes
  • Management topics

Automatic documentation of your backup configuration

Daily or on-demand

Separate reports contain all configuration changes for the previous day / for the last creation / for a selected day


BACKUP EAGLE® Reporting for





Additional backup software can be connected via the generic interface of BACKUP EAGLE® - just contact us!


  • Daily report backups /rerstores

    Daily report backups /rerstores

    Shows all important information (file systems/databases, results, times, quantities, error details)

  • Monthly report backups / restores

    Monthly report backups / restores

    includes the accumulated results per day

  • Monthly report compliance

    Monthly report compliance

    Overview of results with check status per day

  • Monthly report on backup amounts

    Monthly report on backup amounts

    Shows the backup amounts per day grouped by clients

  • Top 10 Big Clients

    Top 10 Big Clients

    List of the largest backup clients (number of backed up files or backend total amount)

  • Detailed report of the client configuration

    Detailed report of the client configuration

    Daily report on clients with complete configuration information

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