BACKUP EAGLE® für Dell EMC Avamar

BACKUP EAGLE® für Dell EMC Avamar

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Dell EMC Avamar Backup Monitoring & Reporting by BACKUP EAGLE®

Discover BACKUP EAGLE® the advanced monitoring and reporting solution for your Dell EMC Avamar backup environment. In a world where data volumes are constantly increasing and data security requirements are growing, BACKUP EAGLE® offers efficient and reliable way to monitor and analyse the performance of your backups. Optimise your backup processes with precise, easy-to-use functionalities specifically developed to reduce the complexity of data management and increase operational efficiency.


Dell EMC Avamar Data Protect overview

Dell EMC Avamar is a leading data protection solution specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable backup and recovery operations for companies of all sizes. With its advanced deduplication technology Avamar enables a significant reduction in the network bandwidth required for backups by storing only unique daily changes. This not only optimises backup windows, but also reduces the load on the network infrastructure and improves the overall performance of the system.


The advantages of Dell EMC Avamar 

Dell EMC Avamar is a comprehensive and flexible backup solution that offers numerous advantages for companies. Its main benefits include:

  • Efficient data reduction: Dell EMC Avamar utilises advanced deduplication technologies to dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred and stored. This results in faster backup times and reduced storage requirements.
  • Improved reliability and data integrity: With its robust backup and restore capabilities Dell EMC Avamar ensures that data is backed up securely and correctly and can be reliably restored when required.
  • Support for diverse environments: Dell EMC Avamar is not only suitable for traditional data centres, it also supports virtual machines, cloud-based infrastructures and endpoint devices, making the solution particularly versatile.
  • Scalability: Whether you are a small business or a global corporation, Dell EM Avamar scales effectively to meet the growing demands of modern IT environments.
  • Security and compliance: Dell EM Avamar offers advanced encryption standards that ensure the protection and security of data in transit and at rest. This is particularly important for organisations that need to meet strict regulatory requirements.

These benefits make Dell EMC Avamar the perfect choice for organisations looking for a powerful and reliable solution to manage their backup and recovery requirements.

BACKUP EAGLE® Backup Monitoring - intelligent reporting for Dell EMC Avamar

BACKUP EAGLE® takes the monitoring and reporting of your Dell EMC Avamar backup solution to a new level. By integrating powerful dashboards and sophisticated reporting capabilities, BACKUP EAGLE® optimises the understanding and management of your backup processes. Its bespoke capabilities not only provide insight into the efficiency of daily backup activities, but also support strategic decision-making through improved data analysis and visualisation of KPIs.


Customised Dell EMC Avamar Backup Dashboards by BACKUP EAGLE®

BACKUP EAGLE® revolutionises Dell EMC Avamar 's backup management with customised dashboard capabilities. These dashboards enable seamless and effective monitoring and analysis of backup data, supporting both tactical and strategic decisions. By utilising its dashboard functionalities, you not only gain insight into your backup-operations, but can also quickly respond to trends and optimise the efficiency of your backup infrastructure.


1. Customised dashboards for Dell EMC Avamar Data Protect

The BACKUP EAGLE® dashboards, specially developed for Dell EMC Avamar Data Protect, provide a comprehensive and instantly understandable view of your backup processes. These user-friendly interfaces are designed to provide you with detailed information about all backup operations, success rates and potential problems at a glance. The dashboards make it easier to identify optimisation potential and help you solve problems quickly.

2. Business-focused Dell EMC Avamar backup dashboards for different areas

BACKUP EAGLE® enables the creation of business-focused dashboards that can easily be tailored to the requirements of different business units. Each department can view the backup data relevant for them in a clear and easy-to-grasp form. These custom dashboards make it easier to monitor and analyse backup activities and ensure that all departments can manage their data efficiently and securely.

Personalised reporting for Dell EMC Avamar Data Protect with BACKUP EAGLE®

BACKUP EAGLE® offers advanced reporting solutions that are specifically tailored to Dell EMC Avamar Data Protect. These reports help to create transparency, fulfil compliance requirements, and monitor the overall health of your backup landscape. Each of the reports is available in various formats, including PDF, HTML, CSV and XLS. Experience a new level of data insight that helps you make accurate and informed decisions.


Dell EMC Avamar Backup Overview Report - BACKUP EAGLE® Standard Report

This standard report provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of your backup activities within Dell EMC Avamar. Clear data points show how effectively your current backups are being performed, including success rates and potential problem areas.


Dell EMC Avamar Backup detailed status report - BACKUP EAGLE® standard report

Get in-depth insights into the details of your backup processes. This report breaks down the data further and provides detailed information about each backup, its duration, size and more, to enable precise analysis of backup efficiency.


Dell EMC Avamar Backup Compliance Evidence - BACKUP EAGLE® Standard report

This report is essential for meeting compliance requirements. It documents in detail that your backups are carried out in accordance with the specified guidelines and legal requirements, which is crucial for audits and inspections.


Insights into DELL EMC Avamar backup clients and VMs - BACKUP EAGLE® Configuration report

Get a precise overview of all clients and virtual machines that are backed up in your Dell EMC Avamar  system. This report shows which resources are protected and provides information about their configuration and the last backup status.



  • Custom Report

    Custom Report

  • Report überSicherungsresultate

    Report überSicherungsresultate

    Überblick über die Sicherungen

  • Report über die Sicherung

    Report über die Sicherung

    Sicherungsresulate werden detailiert dargestellt

  • Dokumentation der Konfiguration

    Dokumentation der Konfiguration

    Konfigurationsänderungen an der Backupumgebung werden protokoliiert