Backup Monitoring, Reporting, Audits

Backup Monitoring, Reporting, Audits

Intelligent monitoring


Reliable detection of missing backups and application servers without any backup

Plausibility checks

Detect logical inconsistencies in error-free backups

Automatic error message re-evaluation

Check only the relevant error messages, the other error messages will be automtically re-evaluated


Complete reporting


Daily verification of all backups and restores
Daily verification of the configuration settings
Daily verification of all configuration changes

Accounting and capacity planning

Various analyses about backups and restores, backup clients, backup servers and backup devices


Many options (including content, time period, filters, formats)


Preconfigured reports and verifications

Automatic proofs


Protocols for all backups & restores

Status Backup Server and Backup Devices


Complete backup environment (clients, servers and devices)

Dedicated configuration change reports

Additional functions

Client ability

In BACKUP EAGLE® you can create logical groups of application servers

Integration of authorizations

Different authorizations can be mapped in BACKUP EAGLE® for users defined in AD / LDAP

Connection CMDB

BACKUP EAGLE® enables the comparison between the application servers in the CMDB and the actually backed up servers

Maintenance mode

Backup clients and/or backup servers can be put into maintenance mode

Software interfaces

Oracle RMAN

RMAN catalog information is included in the backup logs

UC4 / Control-M

Job information from external schedulers is also displayed in the logs

dsmISI and GSCC   ( General Storage Software GmbH )

Integration of GSCC, dsmISI MAGS, Storage and Veeam into BACKUP EAGLE® Monitoring


We are the developers

Developers and Backup Specialists

Our developers are also specialists for backup tools
Use our experience for your own backup environment

Continuous development

New ideas and requirements are quickly implemented

Additional backup tools

An interface is provided for the integration of additional backup tools

You have special requirements

You have special requirements - we look forward to every new suggestion


Information on BACKUP EAGLE®

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