Aug 28, 2023

Introducing the launch of accompio Group

Uniting the expertise of five IT Companies under a single Umbrella Brand
1,500 existing customers, 430 employees and 10 locations are only few of the core figures of the new accompio group with HQ in Einbeck, Lower Saxony. It brings together under one roof following IT companies: mod IT Services GmbH (with locations in Einbeck, Hanover and Kassel), proficom GmbH (location in Dresden), Schmitz RZ Consult GmbH (location in Pulheim), be-solutions GmbH (with locations in Munich, Leipzig, Essen) as well as the Hungarian Services4-IT Kft. (with locations in Budapest and Pécs). With this alliance accompio group becomes a strong reliable partner delivering a broad spectrum of excellent solutions. It focuses on IT security companies by scoring points through an integrated approach utilising a comprehensive security offering which covers the IT and OT area, DevOps, automated backup monitoring and reporting, and workplace management.

Integrated IT services
Benefitting from the collective synergy of the five companies, IT Decision makers gain access to comprehensive solutions through a unified source. "Through accompio, we are strategically establishing ourselves in the market as a robust IT power house with broad shoulders", explains Managing Director Torsten Otto. Co-Managing director Markus Mönckemeyer emphasised further: "The individual service providers excel as professionals in their respective fields. accompio is harmonizing these exceptional competences under a unified entity. Both managing directors hold the conviction that the all-encompassing proficiency of the accompio brand has a global appeal. Fast, agile, modern and innovative: these are the four attributes are set to define accompio.  The market presence of each subsidiary is unified under the designation 'an accompio company'. The consolidation of individual service providers under a robust umbrella brand enhances our capacity for significant impact within the IT sector, while also expanding the portfolio of each distinct company. In this context, the common thread across all services is IT security.
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