BACKUP EAGLE® for Microsoft Azure

BACKUP EAGLE® for Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure Backup Reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®


Ransomware, technical failures or human error - the list of risks in the digital environment is long. Microsoft Azure Backup provides you with a robust, scalable solution for data backup in the cloud. To utilise the full potential of this technology, BACKUP EAGLE® offers a specialised reporting tool that helps you to efficiently monitor and manage your Azure backups and effortlessly meet compliance requirements.

Microsoft Azure Backup

With Microsoft Azure Backup, you can back up your business data quickly, reliably and efficiently in the cloud. This solution offers a centralised, cloud-based service that protects your company from the consequences of ransomware and other cyber security threats. Easy integration into your existing infrastructure simplifies backup processes and reduces costs at the same time.


Key benefits of Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup is characterised by a number of advantages that make it a preferred choice for companies of all sizes:

  • Simple and centralised management: You can monitor and control backups uniformly via the Backup Center and thus ensure consistent data protection.
  • Flexible storage options: Whether locally redundant, geo-redundant or zone-redundant storage, you have the freedom to choose the storage option that best suits your business needs.
  • Application-consistent backups: Back up and restore VM data with application consistency to ensure the integrity of your business applications.
  • Diverse workload support: From Azure VMs to complex database environments, Azure Backup provides comprehensive protection for a wide range of workloads.
  • Advanced data security: Azure Backup allows you to define granular access controls and protect your data with powerful encryption.
  • Cost optimisation: Use Azure Backup's detailed reports to adjust your backup storage size and reduce costs without compromising data security.

These and other advantages make Microsoft Azure Backup a strong partner in your IT security strategy and ensure that your valuable data is protected against loss and damage.

Intelligent Microsoft Azure backup reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

The integration of BACKUP EAGLE® with Microsoft Azure Backup transforms the management of your backups into a seamless and highly automated experience. By applying BACKUP EAGLE® to Azure Backup operations, you benefit from improved visibility and optimisation of your resources, which together enable unparalleled operational efficiency.


Personalised Microsoft Azure backup dashboards from BACKUP EAGLE®

Harness the power of BACKUP EAGLE® dashboards to refine your Microsoft Azure backup management. With these dashboards, you can not only monitor your data backup processes, but also proactively organise them by visually processing relevant data and gaining immediate access to important information.


1. Customised dashboards for Microsoft Azure Backup Monitoring

BACKUP EAGLE® offers you dashboards that are specifically tailored to monitoring your Azure backup processes. Experience how intuitive visualisations give you a clear understanding of backup performance and status. The dashboards allow you to react quickly to any problems and ensure the security of your data.

2. Business-orientated Microsoft Azure backup dashboards for various areas

For a focussed view of your backup data, BACKUP EAGLE® offers dashboards that are tailored to different business areas. These allow the responsible teams to view their specific backup data and statistics and enable managers to make data-driven decisions for their departments.

Personalised reporting for Microsoft Azure Backup with BACKUP EAGLE®

See how BACKUP EAGLE® transforms reporting for Microsoft Azure Backup into a customised, data-rich experience. Our software allows you to drill down into specific time frames and complex historical data sets to suit your organisation's detailed requirements.
Each of the reports is available in multiple formats - including PDF, HTML, CSV and XLS - and can be seamlessly integrated into your operations. With BACKUP EAGLE®'s user-friendly interface and extensive filtering options, you can tailor reporting to your specific needs, maximising visibility and control over your backup environment.

Azure Backup Summary Report - BACKUP EAGLE® Standard Report

Get a consolidated overview of your backup landscape in Azure with the BACKUP EAGLE® Overview Report. This report provides a clear view of current backup activity and success rates and serves as a quick reference for management and IT teams.


Azure Backup Detailed Status Report - BACKUP EAGLE® Standard Report

Dive deeper into your backup data with the BACKUP EAGLE® detailed status report. This provides you with detailed information on individual backups, including times, volumes and success rates, to give you a microscopic view of your backup operations.


Azure Backup Compliance Evidence - BACKUP EAGLE® Standard Report

Simplify the auditing of your backup processes with the BACKUP EAGLE® compliance verification report. This provides all the necessary data in a clear format to easily prove compliance requirements and effectively pass audits.


Insights into Azure Backup Clients and VMs - BACKUP EAGLE® configuration report

Get clarity on the health and protection of your Azure VMs and clients with this specialised BACKUP EAGLE® configuration report. The report highlights the backup frequency and parameters applied to ensure the integrity of your virtual environments.



Daily Azure Backup Policy Report - BACKUP EAGLE® Configuration Report

Monitor your backup policies proactively with the BACKUP EAGLE® daily policy report. This provides information on all planned and executed backup activities and helps you to maintain an overview and always fulfil regulatory requirements.