BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre

BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre

Strengthen your IT security

BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre  

Collect & analyse security-critical information, find & alert anomalies in the backup environments

In today's digital era, is BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre a valuable tool for companies to find and alert on potential security issues within the backup infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive overview and enables company backup administrators to automatically detect, aggregate and analyse security-critical information. The Security Centre identifies potential anomalies through continuous monitoring and enables a proactive response to security risks. The alerts are transmitted via various communication channels to enable the fastest possible response.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You can detect unauthorised access to your backup servers (*1)
  • You can recognise changes to the retention periods of backups
  • You can find virtual and physical servers without backups
  • You can see accidentally deactivated backups
  • You can recognise and log configuration changes to the backup servers
  • You can continuously monitor the health status of your backup systems

Security Centre in detail - strengthen your IT security

The primary objective of the BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre is to strengthen companies' IT security. It supports a robust defence against potential security breaches by detecting threats at an early stage and alerting them. The Security Centre draws on various data sources, including backup data, configuration lists and server checks. As an active defence tool, Security Center plays a crucial role in protecting the company’s’ data and contributes to its security and resilience.

How does BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre work:

  • Security Center provides a centralised view of potential security issues within an organisation's backup infrastructure.
  • Security Center plays a critical role in helping the business and backup administrators to collect, aggregate and analyse security-critical information from the backup environment. Through continuous monitoring, potential anomalies are identified to proactively respond to security risks.
  • These alerts are transmitted via various communication channels to enable the fastest possible response.
  • The goal of Security Center is to strengthen IT security by detecting threats at an early stage and supporting a robust defence against potential security breaches.
  • Security Center accesses and analyses various data sources. This can be backup data from the last day; a list of authorised values that are compared with the current configuration; server and device checks or logs that are being examined for certain patterns.

Applications for the BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre

Find and alert users who should not exist in the system

  • BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre helps you detect potential hackers and take appropriate action.

Finding and alerting anomalies in backups

  • Ransomware attacks can lead to anomalies in backups. BACKUP EAGLE® Security Center helps you to recognise these and initiate countermeasures.
  • Configuration errors in the backup can lead to unsecured data. BACKUP EAGLE® Security Center recognises the consequences and can therefore prevent data losses.

Automatic documentation of anomalies and their trends

  • Saves time thanks to quick access to all relevant information
  • BACKUP EAGLE® Security Center automatically recognises and alerts on all anomalies and their trends.

Early detection of critical developments on the backup server (health check) and immediate alerting

  • Supports the prevention of backup server malfunctions and saves considerable infrastructure costs as a result
  • Protection against data loss

Detection and alerting of failed logins

  • Report unauthorised login attempts by administrators
  • Report unauthorised login attempts from backup clients

Support for compliance with SLAs

  • Analysing the rates of failed backups compared to the SLA
  • BACKUP EAGLE® Security Centre can prevent against potential penalties by alerting on SLA violations and enabling rapid response.

(*1) Currently for IBM Storage Protect, other backup tools will be added

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