NIS-2 Automatic Backup Compliance

NIS-2 Automatic Backup Compliance

Fulfil evidence requirements simply and securely, strengthen your cyber security and increase your IT resilience

NIS-2 Directive: Mastering requirements

Today, the security of critical infrastructure and sensitive data is more important than ever. The EU's NIS-2 directive sets new standards for cyber security to better protect critical and important organisations. BACKUP EAGLE® supports organisations on their journey to backup compliance by offering a powerful backup monitoring and reporting platform but also a specialised checklist and tools to simplify and automate backup compliance with NIS 2 requirements.

Discover how BACKUP EAGLE® can help your organisation to successfully meet the challenges of NIS-2 while optimising your backup infrastructure.

NIS-2 Overview

NIS-2 Overview

The NIS-2 Directive is an extension of the original NIS Directive and was published in the EU Official Journal on 27 December 2022. With the introduction of NIS-2, the application scope are being extended to other companies and more stricter requirements are being imposed. But what exactly is NIS-2? Who is affected by the new NIS-2 directive? And what are the requirements around backup?

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What is NIS-2?

The NIS 2 Directive is a comprehensive update of EU cybersecurity legislation aimed to strengthen the resilience against cyber threats in critical and important sectors. The directive was published in the Official Journal of the European Union L333 on 27 December 2022 and must be transposed into German law by October 2024. NIS-2 extends the scope of the original NIS Directive to a larger number of sectors and companies, including smaller organisations that may not have previously fallen under this category.

NIS-2 sets out stricter security and reporting obligations and introduces higher penalties in non-compliance cases. Organisations are now required to fully implement the requirements within two years from October 2024 to protect against a wide range of cyber threats and ensure the security of their networks and information systems.

Who is affected by NIS-2?

The NIS 2 Directive affects companies that are considered operators of essential services, including those in the energy, transport, banking, health, digital infrastructure and other sectors. The NIS 2 Implementation Act specifies which companies fall into this category.

Small and medium-sized enterprises could also be affected by the NIS 2 Directive under certain circumstances, especially if they act as a provider of critical services or are part of the critical infrastructure supply chain. They may need to implement similarly stringent security measures to ensure the integrity of the supply chain.

This emphasises the importance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the NIS 2 Directive and take appropriate security measures to ensure compliance and protect the integrity of their own IT systems and data.

NIS-2: What to consider around backup?

The NIS-2 directive extends the security requirements for critical infrastructures, including backup systems. Organisations need to review their backup strategies and ensure that they comply with the tightened regulations. It is essential to implement secure, reliable backup and recovery procedures, regularly verify backup integrity and ensure that backups are protected from unauthorised access. BACKUP EAGLE® helps organisations meet the verification requirements by providing a comprehensive overview of the backup infrastructure, enabling automated backup checks, and providing valuable insights into the efficiency and security of backup processes.

Achieve compliance automatically with BACKUP EAGLE® e

Organisations need to ensure that their backup systems work reliably, that they are tested regularly and can access their backups quickly and effectively in the event of a cyber-attack or technical failure. BACKUP EAGLE® helps organisations meet these requirements by providing automated monitoring and reporting for backup processes. With BACKUP EAGLE®, organisations can not only document their backup configuration, but also prove the success of backups and restores, monitor the health of their backup servers and devices and detect changes in the backup configuration. In addition, BACKUP EAGLE® helps to identify backups that have not been set up or have failed, enabling continuous compliance, and maintaining high security standards. The main benefits of automated compliance with BACKUP EAGLE® are

  • Complete coverage backup verification requirements for NIS 2
  • Increase IT resilience
  • Improve IT security
  • Save time


At BACKUP EAGLE® we’ve created a comprehensive checklist to support companies in complying with the NIS-2 directive by providing over 15 key points that are specifically geared towards backup and IT resilience requirements. This checklist makes it easier for companies to review and optimise their backup strategies and processes in accordance with NIS 2 requirements. The BACKUP EAGLE® NIS 2 checklist is an essential tool for organisations that want to ensure they are fully compliant with the NIS 2 directive. By implementing the recommended measures, organisations can not only demonstrate their compliance, but also significantly increase their resilience to cyberattacks and other threats.


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FAQ NIS-2-Directive

What is the NIS-2 Directive?

The NIS-2 Directive (The Network and Information Security Directive) is an EU directive aimed to ensure a high common level of security for network and information systems throughout the EU. It is a further development of the original NIS Directive and introduces stricter security requirements, reporting obligations and higher penalties for non-compliance. Its main objective is to increase resilience to cyber-attacks and other security risks for critical and important infrastructures.

Who is covered by the NIS 2 Directive?

The NIS-2 Directive applies to operators of essential services (OES) and key digital service providers (RDSP). This covers a wide range of sectors and types of organisations, including energy, transport, banking, healthcare, water supply, digital infrastructure, public administration, and others. The latest update also includes medium and small businesses in certain cases, particularly if they play a role in the supply chain of larger organisations or provide critical services.

When does NIS-2 come into force?

The Directive was published in the Official Journal of the European Union L333 on 27 December 2022 and entered into force on the twentieth day following its publication. EU member states have until 17 October 2024 to transpose the directive into national law and take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the directive. Affected companies have two years from this date to adapt their systems and processes accordingly to fully fulfil the requirements of the NIS 2 Directive.