BACKUP EAGLE® for IBM Tape Library

BACKUP EAGLE® for IBM Tape Library

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IBM Tape Library Backup Monitoring & Reporting from BACKUP EAGLE®

BACKUP EAGLE® offers an advanced monitoring and reporting solution for IBM tape libraries. BACKUP EAGLE® enables companies to fully utilise the performance of their IBM tape libraries (models TS 4500, TS 3500 and TS 4300). By combining state-of-the-art technology with intuitive operation, BACKUP EAGLE® ensures that the backup infrastructure functions seamlessly, securely and efficiently. Discover how BACKUP EAGLE® simplifies the management and analysis of your tape libraries and provides you with valuable insights into your backup processes.


IBM tape library infrastructure at a glance

IBM tape libraries are a key component in the backup and archiving strategy of many companies. They offer a reliable solution for the long-term storage of large amounts of data and are particularly attractive due to their high capacity, low cost and robustness. State-of-the-art tape technology is one of the key factors in coping with the increasing data volumes of the present and future. The features and benefits of the IBM tape library infrastructure at a glance.

Cohesity Backup Service: Advantages at a glance 

  • Large storage capacities: IBM tape libraries are known for their impressive storage capacities. They outperform conventional hard drives in this aspect and enable companies to store large amounts of data in a relatively small physical space.
  • Energy efficiency and cost benefits: A key benefit of tape libraries is their energy efficiency. Once a tape has been written and archived, it no longer requires power. This distinguishes them from hard discs, which consume energy continuously. This leads to significant cost savings, especially for long-term storage.
  • Data security and reliability: Tapes in IBM Libraries are physically secure and protected from cyber-attacks as they are not permanently connected to a network. This provides additional protection against data loss due to malware or ransomware attacks.
  • Adaptability and compatibility: IBM tape libraries are highly customisable and can be integrated into existing backup systems. They are compatible with a wide range of backup software and hardware, which simplifies their implementation in different IT environments.
  • Automation and efficiency: The tape libraries are characterised by automated processes. For example, they optimise the arrangement of their tapes according to access frequency in order to minimise loading times. This intelligent organisation not only ensures faster data recovery, but also increases the overall efficiency of the system.

IBM tape libraries represent a combination of traditional reliability and modern technology, making them an ideal choice for organisations looking for an efficient, secure and cost-effective backup and archiving solution.


Intelligent Reporting & Monitoring for IBM Tape Libraries (TS 4500, 3500, 4300)

BACKUP EAGLE® offers an advanced solution for the monitoring and reporting of IBM tape libraries (models TS 4500, 3500 and 4300). This innovative platform enables companies to gain a comprehensive and in-depth insight into their tape library infrastructure, resulting in optimised usage and improved data security

  • Comprehensive tape library monitoring: BACKUP EAGLE® provides detailed monitoring of IBM tape libraries. It allows you to see at a glance important information such as the number of tapes in the library, the status of the drives and any system problems such as open doors or defects on the robot arm. This transparency is crucial for the proactive management of the libraries and helps to prevent failures.
  • Proactive error analysis and prevention: A key benefit of BACKUP EAGLE® is its ability to identify potential sources of error before they become serious problems. For example, the software analyses tapes with a high error rate and can provide early indications of problems that require preventive maintenance or media replacement.
  • Drive and tape usage reporting: BACKUP EAGLE® provides detailed reports on the usage and performance of the drives within the IBM tape libraries. It provides valuable insights into how often and how intensively individual drives are used and helps to optimise hardware utilisation.
  • Effective capacity planning and forecasting: Another key element of BACKUP EAGLE® is the ability to forecast future capacity requirements. By analysing usage trends and data growth, it enables you to plan storage efficiently and ensure optimal use of tape library resources.
  • Detailed serial number and software status tracking: The software provides a comprehensive listing of drive serial numbers and installed software versions. This facilitates the management and monitoring of tape libraries by ensuring that all components are up to date and running smoothly.
  • Visual dashboards for a clear overview: BACKUP EAGLE® offers user-friendly dashboards that provide a clear and understandable visualisation of tape library data. These dashboards enable IT teams to quickly understand the overall health of their backup infrastructure and make informed decisions.

Overall, BACKUP EAGLE® enables comprehensive and intelligent monitoring and reporting for IBM tape libraries. It maximises the efficiency and performance of the libraries, supports proactive maintenance and ensures a reliable backup infrastructure that can be planned for the long term.