BACKUP EAGLE® for Cohesity

BACKUP EAGLE® for Cohesity

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Backup Reporting for Cohesity | BACKUP EAGLE®

With Cohesity and its enhancement through BACKUP EAGLE®, you not only increase security, but also transparency and control over your data. Our special Cohesity reporting ensures that you always have the overview of all backup activities and can react quickly to changes.


Cohesity Backup and Recovery

The digital business environment demands seamless data backup and recovery. Cohesity is leading the way with its innovative platform that overcomes the challenges of data protection in hybrid and multicloud environments.


Cohesity Backup Service: Advantages at a glance 


  • Centralised platform: Cohesity combines traditional and modern data sources in one platform, making data silos a thing of the past.
  • User-friendly management: Intuitive access to data, regardless of location or environment.
  • Automated policies: An SLA-based framework ensures compliance with current service levels.
  • Fast data recovery: Cohesity enables data to be recovered quickly and accurately.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): An agile model that accelerates the protection of critical data and lowers the hardware requirements.
  • More than just backup: In addition to traditional backup, Cohesity allows the use of additional applications for ransomware prevention, compliance and more.
  • Recognised market position: Recognition as a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ 2023 underscores Cohesity's industry expertise.


BACKUP EAGLE® for Cohesity: A powerful enhancement

BACKUP EAGLE® takes the potential of Cohesity Backup to a whole new level. It revolutionises your backup strategy through advanced analysis and control of your backed up data. With customised dashboards and versatile reporting capabilities, BACKUP EAGLE® ensures unparalleled transparency and efficiency in the management of your Cohesity backups. It's not just an enhancement, it's the key to more comprehensive and accurate backup management.



Cohesity Dashboards

Central element of interaction between BACKUP EAGLE® and Cohesity is undoubtedly the intuitive dashboard. It not only gives you an all-encompassing view of your entire backup infrastructure, but also allows you to take a deep dive into specific data and processes.


1. Dedicated dashboards for the Cohesity backup software

BACKUP EAGLE® has dashboards specifically designed for Cohesity. These provide a clear and precise overview of your backup processes and facilitate quick access to detailed information on each backup process.

2. Dedicated dashboards for departments / clients

BACKUP EAGLE® provides customised dashboards for organisations that want a segmented view of their backup landscape - whether by business unit, department or client. This allows you to specifically analyse and control the backup activities and strategies of different business units.

Individual Cohesity Reports

BACKUP EAGLE® takes reporting for Cohesity to a new level. Whether you want detailed insights into a specific time period or need a comprehensive review over several months, BACKUP EAGLE® makes it effortless.

Thanks to numerous available formats such as ~.pdf, ~.html, ~.csv and ~.xls, the reports can be perfectly integrated into your existing work processes. An intuitive user interface with filter options allows you to dedicate reports according to specific servers, nodes, schedules, and other criteria. The highlight: Our standard reports are generated automatically daily, so you are always up to date and can react immediately to any changes

Backup results - BACKUP EAGLE® standard report

This report provides a precise overview of your backup activities with Cohesity. Recognise at a glance which backups were successful and where action may be required.


Detailed backup results - BACKUP EAGLE® standard report

For an in-depth analysis of your backup actions: This report allows you to get detailed information based on selected dates, time periods or other relevant categories.


Cohesity audit certificate for audits - BACKUP EAGLE® standard report

An indispensable tool for audits: This report provides all the necessary information in a compact overview to meet audit requirements effectively and easily.


Cohesity Clients and VMs Details - BACKUP EAGLE® Configuration Report

In-depth insight into the clients and VMs backed up with Cohesity. This report provides information about which devices and VMs are backed up, how often and using which parameters.


Report Protection Policies - BACKUP EAGLE® configuration report daily

Protection policies are at the core of any backup strategy. This daily report provides a clear overview of all active and all planned protection measures, allowing you to constantly check the status of your data and compliance with legal requirements.


Backup results - BACKUP EAGLE® report

This report provides a clear visualisation of all your backup activities with Cohesity. You can see at a glance which backups were successful and which may have had problems.