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Oracle RMAN Backup Reporting with RMAN Control from BACKUP EAGLE®

Our solution enables you to master the complexity of Oracle RMAN backups and gain in-depth insights into your backup activities. From monitoring backup status to analysing backup logs in detail, BACKUP EAGLE® ensures you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and maintain the integrity of your Oracle databases. Immerse yourself in the world of efficient and secure Oracle RMAN backup reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

Oracle databases at a glance

Oracle databases are among the leading relational database management systems (RDBMS) and are at the centre of many corporate IT structures worldwide. Since its foundation in 1977, Oracle Database has established itself as the flagship product of the American company and is now used in numerous sectors for the efficient organisation and management of large volumes of data.

Features of Oracle Database

  • Versatility and compatibility: Oracle Database is known for its high compatibility with various platforms and applications, supported by almost all major software and hardware manufacturers. Whether in local on-premises environments or in the cloud, Oracle offers flexible solutions for every requirement.
  • Intuitive data organisation: Oracle's relational model enables a structured and efficient presentation of data in columns, tables and rows. Attributes connect data points and make it easier to access and analyse information.
  • Powerful programming languages: Oracle uses SQL to create and manage database structures and Oracle's own PL/SQL to extend SQL with specific programming functions, which increases the flexibility and performance of the databases.
  • Robust architecture: The architecture of Oracle databases separates logical and physical data structures, which leads to reliable data management and high data security. Physical structures such as data files, control files and red log files ensure the storage and logging of data, while logical structures such as tablespaces enable clear organisation.

Oracle RMAN: Backup technology for Oracle databases

Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) is an essential tool in the database administrator's armoury, designed specifically for the backup, recovery and maintenance of Oracle databases. As an integral part of the Oracle database, RMAN provides a robust and comprehensive solution to ensure the continuity and integrity of critical data.


Core functions of Oracle RMAN

  • Integrated backup solution: RMAN is integrated into the Oracle database architecture and provides seamless interaction with the database to perform backups and restores efficiently.
  • Flexible access: Administrators can control RMAN via Oracle Enterprise Manager or the command line, allowing flexible handling according to preference and situation.
  • User-managed and RMAN backups: In addition to RMAN backups, administrators can also perform user-managed backups that utilize host operating system commands and SQL*Plus restore commands.
  • Back up active databases: A key benefit of RMAN is the ability to back up databases while they are open and active, minimizing service interruptions.
  • Incremental backups: RMAN enables the creation of incremental backups, where only the files that have changed since the last backup are copied, significantly reducing storage requirements and backup time.



RMAN Control from BACKUP EAGLE® - Intelligent reporting for Oracle RMAN backups


BACKUP EAGLE®'s RMAN Control is an innovative solution that revolutionizes reporting for Oracle RMAN backups by providing access to the RMAN catalog. Traditionally, direct access to the detailed data in the RMAN catalog has been a challenge for administrators. RMAN_Control from BACKUP EAGLE® bridges this gap by providing a clear, understandable and comprehensive view of backup data.

  • Access to critical backup data: RMAN Control allows administrators to dive deep into the RMAN catalog and extract valuable data that would otherwise remain hidden. This enhanced access allows users to obtain detailed information about backup activity, success rates, error messages and more, which is critical to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of Oracle databases.
  • Detailed and clear reporting: RMAN Control not only gives administrators access to the data, but also presents this information in a clear, easy-to-understand format. The reporting features provide detailed insights into each backup operation, presenting trends, identifying common issues and enabling quick diagnosis and resolution of errors.
  • Proactive error detection and resolution: By providing detailed insight into the RMAN catalog, RMAN Control can detect potential problems and inconsistencies at an early stage. This enables administrators to act proactively before minor problems lead to major outages.
  • Detection of missing backups: A key feature of BACKUP EAGLE® is its ability to detect missing backups. It acts as a safety net by continuously monitoring whether regularly backed up databases are suddenly no longer being backed up. This feature protects organizations from accidentally failing to back up important databases, which could lead to data loss and compliance issues.
  • Performance billing: BACKUP EAGLE® collects comprehensive data on the sizes of the backed up databases and the storage space occupied by the backups. This information is crucial for accurate billing of the backup service. The backup team can thus effectively pass on the costs of backups to customers or internal departments on the basis of real data. BACKUP EAGLE® offers flexible billing options, including detailed reporting.
  • By providing transparent, detailed and user-friendly access to the RMAN catalog, RMAN Control from BACKUP EAGLE® takes backup reporting to a new level. It enables more efficient, accurate and secure management of Oracle RMAN backups, ensuring your databases are well protected and compliance requirements are met.