VMware vCenter Backup Reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

VMware vCenter Backup Reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

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vCenter Backup Monitoring and Reporting Solution using HOST_DETECT from BACKUP EAGLE®

With its HOST_DETECT function, BACKUP EAGLE® offers a state-of-the-art solution for backup monitoring and reporting within VMware vCenter environments. This innovative function not only supports the precise monitoring and analysis of your vCenter backups, but also helps identify and eliminate potential weaknesses to optimise backup quality and minimise errors.


VMware vCenter at a glance

VMware vCenter is a key component in the management of virtualisation environments and plays a key role in any VMware infrastructure. Being a management node for virtual environments, vCenter offers comprehensive functions to increase the efficiency, security, and flexibility of IT operations.


Features of vCenter

  • Centralised management: vCenter enables central control and monitoring of all virtualised resources, resulting in more efficient management and better control over the entire IT environment.
  • Advanced virtualisation capabilities: vCenter supports advanced services such as VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), VMware HA (High Availability) and VMware vMotion, helping to optimise resource usage and improving resilience.
  • Flexibility and scalability: With vCenter, administrators can easily provision, manage and migrate virtual machines, contributing to a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.
  • Security and compliance enhancements: vCenter provides features that increase security and help meet compliance requirements by controlling access to the system and reducing the risk of malware.
  • Energy-saving functions: By optimising hardware usage and enabling live migration of virtual machines, vCenter helps improve energy efficiency.
  • Integration with third-party software: vCenter enables easy integration with variety of third-party hardware and software, making it easy to customise to specific business requirements.
  • User-friendly interface: vCenter provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of virtual machines and resources.

HOST_DETECT - the intelligent monitoring and reporting solution for vCenter

In the complex world of VMware vCenter environments, it is essential to have a precise and comprehensive overview of backup activities. With its HOST_DETECT function, BACKUP EAGLE® offers a customised solution that has been especially designed to meet the challenges of vCenter environments. HOST_DETECT serves as efficient interface between productive IT and backup IT and is crucial for optimising backup processes.
In many cases, there is a risk that virtual machines (VMs) in the IT landscape go unnoticed and are operated without the necessary protection. This situation poses significant challenges for backup administrators. Unrecognised, VMs not only pose a high security risk, but can also lead to compliance problems.



Unique features of HOST_DETECT:

  • Targeted monitoring: HOST_DETECT allows certain VMs in vCenter environments, such as test systems, to be excluded from backup monitoring. This enables a more focused monitoring, narrowed down only to the critical and productive systems.
  • Integrative data analysis: HOST_DETECT's ability to access manual asset databases and merge different data sources enables an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the backup infrastructure.
  • Network infrastructure check: HOST_DETECT analyses the vCenter network infrastructure to ensure that all components are configured correctly and there are no security gaps.
  • Flexible tagging options: HOST_DETECT can be used to assign tags to backups in vCenter environments, to allocate cost centres and enable data-based billing for example.

HOST_DETECT improves the accuracy and efficiency of backup reporting in vCenter environments by providing a detailed view of all VMs. It identifies VMs that are correctly assigned to backup servers and shows when the last successful backup occurred. At the same time, it recognises VMs that have been assigned but not successfully backed up, indicating potential problems in the backup strategy.
These comprehensive features make HOST_DETECT an indispensable tool for ensuring an efficient and reliable backup strategy in vCenter environments, optimising IT management and helping to ensure the security and compliance of the virtual infrastructure.

  • Custom Report

    Custom Report

  • Report überSicherungsresultate

    Report überSicherungsresultate

    Überblick über die Sicherungen

  • Report über die Sicherung

    Report über die Sicherung

    Sicherungsresulate werden detailiert dargestellt

  • Dokumentation der Konfiguration

    Dokumentation der Konfiguration

    Konfigurationsänderungen an der Backupumgebung werden protokoliiert