Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Reporting with BACKUP EAGLE®

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Hyper-V backup monitoring and reporting solution with Host Detect from BACKUP EAGLE®

In the dynamic world of virtualisation, it is crucial to have a comprehensive overview of all virtual machines (VMs) and their backup status. BACKUP EAGLE® presents Host Detect, an innovative solution that supports Hyper-V, among others. This powerful feature not only provides detailed insights into your Hyper-V environment, but also improves the quality and reliability of your backups by detecting gaps in the backup infrastructure and minimising human error.


Microsoft Hyper-V at a glance

Microsoft Hyper-V, a key technology for the virtualisation of computer systems and data centre environments, offers a comprehensive solution for both server and client systems. By efficiently allocating resources such as CPU power, memory, storage space and network connections to virtual machines (VMs), Hyper-V enables a flexible and powerful virtualisation environment.


Functions and technical features of Hyper-V

  • Complete isolation and decoupling: Hyper-V uses a type 1 hypervisor that ensures complete isolation of VMs from each other and decoupling from the host operating system, resulting in increased security and stability.
  • Support for various guest operating systems: Hyper-V is compatible with numerous operating systems, including various versions of Windows and Linux distributions such as SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat and FreeBSD.
  • Part of Windows Server and Windows 10 Pro: Hyper-V is integrated into Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 Pro and is also available as a standalone product (Microsoft Hyper-V Server), allowing for flexible deployment.
  • Extended network functions: Hyper-V supports key networking features such as Network Address Translation (NAT), simplifying network management in virtual environments.
  • Compatibility with security features: Hyper-V works with hardware security features such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and supports cluster operation.
  • Powerful management tools: Hyper-V can be managed via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and supports moving VMs on the fly

Host Detect: Intelligent Hyper-V monitoring and reporting solution from BACKUP EAGLE®

Host Detect from BACKUP EAGLE® acts as a critical bridge between production IT and backup IT. This advanced feature is designed to efficiently detect gaps and errors in the backup infrastructure. It plays a crucial role in increasing the quality of backups and minimises human error by enabling comprehensive monitoring and analysis of Hyper-V environments.
Often, VMs can go unnoticed and run without adequate protection, posing challenges for backup administrators. Unnoticed VMs are not only a security risk, but also a compliance challenge as they may not comply with policies and regulations.



Unique features of Host Detect:

  • Targeted server analysis: Host Detect makes it possible to exclude certain servers, such as test servers, from the backup check. This selective monitoring function helps to focus on critical systems and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.
  • Integration with asset databases: Host Detect offers the option of integrating manual asset databases. This provides a more detailed view of the entire IT infrastructure and improves the accuracy of backup data.
  • Network infrastructure review: By analysing the network infrastructure, potential vulnerabilities and risks in the backup environment can be identified and proactively addressed.
  • Merging different data sources: Host Detect makes it possible to collate information from different sources to ensure a comprehensive view of backup activities.
  • Tagging function: With the tagging function, for example, cost centres or other relevant information can be assigned to the backups. This makes it easier to allocate costs and supports the creation of invoices based on the volume of data backed up.

In practice, Host Detect Backup enables backup administrators to generate a list of all current and new VMs in the Hyper-V environment. This list is then compared to image-level backup activity to provide a clear overview of whether VMs are properly assigned to backup applications and successfully backed up. Host Detect also identifies VMs that have been assigned to a backup server but not successfully backed up and helps to investigate the causes of these backup failures.
With Host Detect, BACKUP EAGLE® offers a powerful solution that not only ensures the security and compliance of Hyper-V VMs, but also optimises backup management in a dynamic IT environment.